Finance Manager

Why do businesses need a Finance Manager?

Keeping control of finances is a vital part of ensuring that a business operates successfully.  A finance manager will ensure that the transactions of the business are recorded correctly and accurately but more importantly will enable the business owners to focus on the strategy and direction of the business.  We can offer this service on a flexible part time basis to meet the needs of your business.

A finance manager can assist business owners by providing and interpreting financial information in a timely manner which will enable informed decision making.  A vital part of any business is cash flow management and forecasting.  This is another area where we have many years of experience and can offer support and expertise.

During our years in industry we have liaised with numerous external bodies such as auditors, banks, HMRC, finance partners and can assist as a point of contact if required.  In addition, we have prepared many budgets and forecasts which can be used to support funding applications.

If your business could benefit from the support of a finance manager, then we are able to support on a regular or ad-hoc basis.  This could be offered as a fixed number of days per month at a day rate or on a retainer basis as required.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise what is most suitable.

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